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When production of the original SeaFET V1 (originally manufactured by Satlantic) moved to Sea-Bird Scientific in Bellevue, WA, differences between the SeaFET and most CTDs were immediately evident. The software was new, interfacing with the instrument through a terminal was completely different, and meeting the sensor’s accuracy spec was much more challenging than calibrating the SBE 18 glass electrode pH sensor.

The SeaFET V2 represents the culmination of what we learned from this process, and an integration of the SeaFET product line into the Sea-Bird Scientific ecosystem: the V2 now talks like a CTD, is fully compatible with the UCI software, and we’ve refined the calibration process beyond the V1’s already demanding standards. Pair that with knowledge passed on from years of building and deploying the SeaFET V1, and Sea-Bird Scientific is truly pushing the possibilities of measuring pH in the ocean. Read our SeaFET V2 Best Practice Guide to learn from our experiences.