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The SeaFET V2 improves upon the original SeaFET’s reliability, data quality, ease of operation, and deployment endurance. Among these changes, the SeaFET V2 has a completely restructured RS-232 interface. This has a few implications for communicating with the SeaFET V2/SeapHOx V2/Deep SeapHOx V2:

  • The Sea-Bird Scientific UCI 2.0 software (also compatible with the SUNA V2 and HydroCAT-EP) is now the primary software interface. UCI looks and behaves similarly to SeaFETCOM and retains the same ability to configure the SeaFET V2 and upload/process data. SeaFETCOM is not compatible with the SeaFET V2.
  • The SeaFET V2 has a completely revised command set that includes commands common to other Sea-Bird Scientific CTDs. The original SeaFET V1 commands are no longer valid for the SeaFET V2.
  • The SeaFET V2 no longer utilizes Burst Sampling and Sample Averaging. Instead, autonomous and polled sampling routines are identical to standard Sea-Bird moored CTDs.
  • The SeaFET V2 data output is more consistent with Sea-Bird Scientific CTDs. Due to differences between the V2 and V1 output, any system configured to accept the SeaFET V1 output must be reconfigured for the new V2 output.

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