A SeaExplorer, ALSEAMAR’s wingless autonomous glider, embarked on a successful mission in the frigid Barents Sea in 2014. Equipped with a digital magnetic compass and a Sea-Bird Glider Payload CTD, SBE 43, and ECO Puck, the SeaExplorer voyaged across 388 km of the central Barents Sea over 19 days with battery life to spare. The mission encompassed 351 full depth profiles with high resolution physical and biological oceanographic data.

The success of this mission proves the SeaExplorer’s potential for cost-effective autonomous monitoring in parts of the Arctic Ocean where sea conditions are less than favorable. Watch SeaExplorer in action and learn more about the Barents Sea mission.

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Deep ARGO CTDs Uncovering Deep Ocean Changes

A CSIRO team in the Southern Ocean is utilizing new Sea-Bird Scientific Deep Argo floats to monitor the bottom 4000 meters of the Southern Ocean. Preliminary results show a shift towards saltier, denser water close to the seafloor, hinting at changes in sea ice, climate, and ocean circulation. Learn more about Sea-Bird’s past and future with Argo CTDs.

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Choosing the right CTD for your ROV or AUV

Need a compact, high-resolution CTD? Consider the SBE 49 CTD for your ROV. It samples at 16 Hz and streams data in real-time. With simple RS-232 output, use either Sea-Bird SeaSave software or your own system to log data.

Does your vehicle have a strict power budget? Consider the GPCTD for your AUV. One Lithium DD cell could operate the CTD continuously at 1 Hz for 24 days. Choose from four sampling modes to suit your application.


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Meet our People: Sean Rapson, Applications Engineer

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